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Early Predictions for the 2024 Fantasy Football First-Round Draft

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As we look ahead to the 2024 fantasy football season, it’s never too early to start thinking about potential first-round picks. While it’s impossible to predict with certainty who will be the top players in three years’ time, we can still have some fun and make educated guesses based on current trends and player performances.

Potential Superstars Emerging

In this hypothetical first-round mock draft for a 12-team league, several young talents are expected to rise as potential superstars. Players like Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray, and Justin Herbert have shown immense promise in recent seasons and could become highly sought-after quarterbacks by 2024.

The Running Back Dilemma

Running backs continue to dominate fantasy football drafts year after year. However, injuries and unpredictable performance fluctuations make it challenging to determine which running backs will remain at the top of their game come 2024. Nonetheless, names like Jonathan Taylor, Najee Harris, and J.K. Dobbins are worth considering as potential first-round selections due to their impressive skill sets.

The Rise of Young Receivers

In recent years, wide receivers have become increasingly valuable in fantasy football leagues. The likes of Ja’Marr Chase, CeeDee Lamb, and A.J. Brown have already made significant impacts early in their careers and could solidify themselves as reliable options by 2024. These young receivers possess exceptional athleticism and route-running abilities that make them enticing choices for any fantasy team owner.


A Word of Caution: Injuries Can Change Everything

While these predictions may seem exciting for fantasy enthusiasts looking ahead to the future draft possibilities in 2024, it’s important to remember that injuries can drastically alter the landscape of fantasy football. A single injury can derail a player’s career or significantly impact their performance, making them less desirable in future drafts.


As we embark on this way-too-early journey into predicting the 2024 fantasy football first-round draft, it is crucial to approach these projections with caution. While certain players may seem like surefire choices now, unforeseen circumstances and developments could completely change the game by then. Nonetheless, speculating about potential picks adds an element of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead in the world of fantasy football.

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