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Don’t Be a Nuisance at the Doctor’s Office, Mon!

by ehaitech
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Ay, listen up! Mi wan’ tell yuh ’bout some real rude tings people do when dem go a di doctor’s office. Dem actions mek mi blood boil, mon! So if yuh waan show respect and avoid being a nuisance, pay attention to dis article.

No Showin’ Up Late

Mi know seh life can get hectic sometimes, but don’t be disrespectin’ di doctor by showin’ up late. Time is precious for both yuh and di doctor. If yuh have an appointment, try reach on time or even early if possible. Dat way everybody happy and nobody waste time waitin’, ya dig?

Keep Yuh Phone on Silent

Bwoy oh bwoy! Di amount of people who come inna di waiting room wid dem phone ringin’ loud like dancehall music is too much fi handle. Mek sure yuh put dat phone pon silent mode before enterin’. Nobody wanna hear your latest ringtone while waitin’ fi see di doc.

Mind Yuh Volume Level

Yow! Some folks seem to forget seh dem deh inna public space when dem start chat loud like parrot inna tree. Keep it down low, mon! Respect other patients who might need peace and quiet while waitin’. Nobody wants to overhear your personal business or medical history.


Dress Appropriately

Eyyy man! When yuh go a di doctor’s office, dress decently nuh? No need fi wear nothin’ too fancy or flashy like carnival costume. But also no walk in deh lookin’ like you just roll outta bed. Show some respect by dressin’ appropriately, mon.

Don’t Be a Know-It-All

Mi know yuh might be well-read or have Google at your fingertips, but don’t try play doctor when yuh in di office. Di real doctor spend years studyin’ medicine fi help people like you. So nuh badda come wid all di self-diagnosis and treatment suggestions. Trust di professional, mon!

In Conclusion

Ay mi people! When yuh go a di doctor’s office, remember to show some manners and respect fi everybody else dere. No latecomin’, no loud phone ringin’, keep it down low, dress decently, and trust di doc’s expertise. If we all follow dese simple rules, we can make every visit to the doctor’s office smooth sailin’. Respect is key, mon!

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