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Comedian Brittany Schmitt Reveals Armie Hammer’s Bizarre ‘Cannibal Ink’ Tattoo

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In a shocking revelation, comedian Brittany Schmitt recently shared an extraordinary encounter with actor Armie Hammer, where he allegedly tattooed her and referred to it as ‘Cannibal Ink’. This peculiar incident has left many bewildered and intrigued by the mysterious world of Hollywood.

An Unforgettable Encounter

Schmitt recounts the bizarre incident that unfolded during a chance meeting at a private gathering. As she engaged in conversation with Hammer, known for his roles in films such as “Call Me By Your Name” and “The Social Network,” little did she know that this interaction would take an unexpected turn. In what can only be described as an act of audacious eccentricity, Hammer proceeded to tattoo her body while referring to it as ‘Cannibal Ink’.

A Disturbing Revelation

The revelation of this unusual tattoo raises numerous questions about the actor’s state of mind and his connection to recent controversies surrounding him. With allegations surfacing earlier this year regarding disturbing messages attributed to Hammer involving cannibalistic fantasies, this new development adds another layer of intrigue to an already perplexing situation.

Exploring the Dark Side

This unsettling incident sheds light on the darker side often hidden beneath the glamorous facade of Hollywood. It serves as a reminder that behind closed doors, celebrities may harbor unconventional beliefs or engage in behaviors that defy societal norms. The notion of someone willingly branding themselves with ‘Cannibal Ink’ speaks volumes about their mindset and potentially unveils deeper psychological complexities.


A Call for Reflection

As news spreads about this astonishing encounter between Schmitt and Hammer, society is prompted to reflect upon our fascination with celebrity culture. It raises questions about the extent to which we idolize and normalize the actions of those in the public eye, often overlooking potential red flags. This incident serves as a reminder that there is more to individuals than their on-screen personas, urging us to approach fame with caution.


The tale of Brittany Schmitt’s encounter with Armie Hammer and his ‘Cannibal Ink’ tattoo has captivated audiences worldwide. It highlights the enigmatic nature of Hollywood and reminds us that beneath its glitz and glamour lies a realm where unconventional practices can thrive. As we delve deeper into this peculiar story, it becomes evident that our fascination with celebrity culture should be accompanied by a critical lens, ensuring we do not overlook signs of concerning behavior.

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