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If Yuh Get Fired From A Tech Company An’ Yuh Deh Pon A US Work Visa, We Waan Fi Hear Yu Story

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Dem days yah, nuff people a get laid off from dem tech job an’ it nah easy. But if yuh deh pon a US work visa, di struggle even harder. So we waan fi hear bout yuh experience.

Di Struggle Real

Mi know seh when yuh come ya, yuh did fulla hope an’ dreams fi build up yuh life inna di land of opportunity. Yuh tek up dis tech job an’ tink seh everyting good. But den one day, outta di blue, dem tell yuh seh dem cyaa keep yuh no more.

Yow! Di feeling must be like when rain fall dung pon hot breadfruit straight from di tree – unexpected an’ painful. Mi waan fi know how dat mek yuh feel? How it affect all di plans weh you have?

Fightin’ Fi Survive

No lie mi bredrin, afta gettin laid off, it tough fi survive out here. Di bills still haffi pay an’ food affi deh pan table. Plus now wi inna pandemic time so jobs scarce like water inna desert.


Tell mi ’bout how hard it been tryin fi find new work while dealin wid immigration stress? Dem tings nuh easy at all and mi want hear how you manage to hold on tight during dis rough patch.

We Stand Together

In times like dese, unity important more than ever before. Wi need fi support each other and share our stories so others can learn from wi experiences. So mi a beg yuh, come forward an’ let wi hear ’bout di challenges yuh face.

Maybe yuh find a way fi start up someting new or maybe yuh still deh pon di grind lookin’ fi dat next opportunity. Whatever it is, mi want know how you stay strong and keep pushin’ forward.

Inna Di End

Mi jus wah say big up to all di people weh get laid off from dem tech job while on a US work visa. Mi know seh it tough out here but remember seh yuh not alone inna dis struggle. We deh ya fi support each other an’ mek sure our voices heard.

If you ready fi share your story, reach out to us an’ mek wi spread di word far an’ wide. Together, we can make a difference!

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